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Read the interview transcript below in which he gives fans the inside scoop about his life and musical journey:

Q1: Who is Lawrence Lee and where are you from?

I was born in California but I’ve lived in quite a few places because I moved around a lot with my family. I started playing basketball at the age of 6. That’s what provided me with focus and structure and gave me goals. I spent most of my teenage years in Phoenix, AZ so that’s where I truly grew up and really developed my basketball skills. I became a basketball standout in the state and won the state championships in my senior year of high school. I also went to college on a basketball scholarship. So, yes, I’m not a singer who just happens to be 6’4” – I’m a “baller” who loves the game. But I have a musical gift and now I’m honoring God by using it. I sing, play the piano and the guitar, and write all of my own songs. My music comes directly from my heart so I’m sharing the purest part of me with my fans.

Q2: How did your life experiences shape your music?

I was raised in a family of singers and entertainers – including my dad, Big Law, and many of my uncles – so you could say that music was in my blood. But I didn’t actually discover music for myself until my senior year in high school which is when I took my first piano class. When I finished high school, my mom bought a keyboard for me as a graduation gift. Then I was off to college on a basketball scholarship. Like I said, basketball has been a huge part of my life since I was young, but I couldn’t get music out of mind. I kept playing the piano and practicing my favorite songs in my dorm room. The first song I learned was “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw. I just kept practicing, taking different music classes and then I started posting my videos on Facebook. In my sophomore year, I decided to learn to play the guitar and I bought my first acoustic guitar. Then I lived every athlete’s nightmare – I badly injured my knee and had a surgery that forced me to stop playing basketball for more than a year. I knew physical therapy was going to be tough and I needed something to help me take my mind off the process. Not being able to play basketball for such a long time was a major turning point for my music career because that’s when I began thinking about writing my own songs. I wanted my first song to be inspirational and about maximizing your potential. Thus, “Just Chase Your Dreams” was born. You’ll get a taste of that song real soon.

Q3: How do you hope to change the Pop music scene?

I don’t look to change it. I want to add to it. I feel I can bring a new viewpoint – the perspective of someone who could have gotten lost in the shuffle but pursued positivity and made it. I’m a person who felt many of the same emotions and faced similar difficulties as other people. I give God the glory for helping me maintain my balance and peace of mind. I have a very cool, laid back personality so I’ve always taken negative situations and channeled them into positive energy. That’s the way I view the world and that is what you will hear in my music. Just like with the people I’ve met and the places I’ve lived, every one of my songs is different from the next. That is part of the joy of listening to my album – there’s a new experience in every song and I’m glad I can share that with the world.

Q4: What is one interesting fact that most people don’t know about you?

I’ll tell you only if you promise not to hold this against me [chuckling]. Growing up, I was in love with the Power Rangers and dinosaurs. I used to watch Animal Planet constantly and I must have watched the movie Jurassic Park a million times. I have a degree in business now but I literally wanted to be a zoologist. I know… it’s hard to imagine [laughing].

Q5: What message do you like to relay to your fans through your music?

With me living in a lot of different places, I was able to witness a lot of things – whether I went through them or I watched someone else go through them. I channel those circumstances and turn those stories into songs. But the blessing in it was that I got to see many parts of the country and meet all kinds of people, which opened my eyes to how different things are than where I was raised. It made me want to see more. By meeting so many people, I got to hear their stories and understand what life was like for them. So my music is a mix of my life experiences and theirs. I want to make sure the world knows that pop music is for everybody, no matter where they were born, what they look like or what they’ve been through.

JANE // Strings & Dreams
  1. JANE // Strings & Dreams
  2. FLIGHT // Strings & Dreams
  3. HERE I AM // Strings & Dreams
  4. SAYING GOODBYE // Strings & Dreams
  5. MEMORY LANE // Strings & Dreams

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