edit-9682_Male ModelPop music has finally met the new sensation it’s been waiting for! Lawrence Lee is a next generation pop singer and songwriter. His talent is enhanced by his ability to play the acoustic guitar in smooth rhythms that will have you tapping your toes. In April 2017, Lawrence Lee’s debut EP Strings & Dreams will be available for sale and the songs will take you on an emotional journey from loneliness to love and from pain to power.  His inspirational vocals and next-level lyrics will stop you in your tracks. Enhanced by the masterful music production of Big Law Entertainment, Inc., the carefully crafted songs on the Strings & Dreams EP will speak directly to you. Jane, the smash single from the EP, is the ultimate pop track that turns his desire for love into a hit song.

There’s no doubt that the emergence of Lawrence Lee’s unique sound and style is a result of a lifetime of musical influence. Lawrence Lee grew up in a family of talented singers, songwriters and performers. Most notably, his father was an Atlantic Records recording artist who toured internationally with major recording artists and now owns an independent record label and a music production company. Also, his uncle spent years singing with an award-winning, gospel music group and is now a solo gospel recording artist. So, Lawrence Lee was exposed to the entertainment world and a variety of music genres at an early age including R&B, Pop, Gospel and Hip-Hop. But his foray into music didn’t start the way most would have expected.

Though music was in his blood, Lawrence Lee placed a keen focus on playing basketball. He started playing at the age of six and spent most of his teenage years in Phoenix, AZ where he truly developed his basketball skills. He became a high school basketball standout in the state and won the state championship. With basketball in his sights, Lawrence Lee didn’t discover music for himself until his senior year of high school when he took his first piano class and truly enjoyed the experience. Shortly after, he was off to college on a basketball scholarship. Though he consistently put up great stats, he couldn’t get music out of his mind. He kept playing the piano and the first song he learned was “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw. Among his other musical influences are Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon, Sam Cook and J. Cole. He continued practicing the piano, taking music classes and started posting videos on Facebook of himself singing while playing. In his sophomore year of college, he decided to learn to play the guitar and purchased his first acoustic guitar. Then he lived every athlete’s nightmare – he suffered a bad injury while playing basketball and had a surgery that forced him to watch from the sidelines for more than a year. Faced with a long healing process, he discovered that playing the acoustic guitar was a soothing experience that took him into a creative state of mind for songwriting. Not being able to play basketball for such a long time was a major turning point for his music career because that’s when he started writing his own songs. Now at the age of 23, Lawrence Lee is a talented singer-songwriter who writes out-of-the-box, engaging lyrics with exceptional melodies. Each of his songs gives listeners a unique and memorable experience that will keep them wanting more.

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JANE // Strings & Dreams
  1. JANE // Strings & Dreams
  2. FLIGHT // Strings & Dreams
  3. HERE I AM // Strings & Dreams
  4. SAYING GOODBYE // Strings & Dreams
  5. MEMORY LANE // Strings & Dreams

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